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Organisation and chairing of symposiums and forums

  • May 2004, Symposium "intellectus universalis – Toward the World of universal Philosophy“ with Werner Gabriel, Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna.
  • November 2004, "Zen and Tao – Contributions to Asian Thought" with Arne Haselbach and Werner Gabriel, Public University Brigittenau in Vienna.
  • March and November 2005, Forum for Comparative Philosophy at the University of Vienna.
  • "Natural Philosophy and Natural Science", Course at the Polish Academy of Sciences, April to June 2006, Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • As a Symposium for Comparative and Interdisciplinary Education "intellectus universalis" has been held since 2004 once a year. Since 2007 lecture series "Interdisciplinary Philosophy" (See the "Association of Comparative Philosophy") "intellectus universalis – Zur Welt der universellen Philosophie“ "intellectus 2006","intellectus 2007"
  • Forum for Comparative Philosophy has been held twice a year. Since 2007 "Forum for Comparative Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Education" "4. Febr. 08 Genso Roshi"
  • Symposium "Natural Philosophy and Natural Science – In the Interdisciplinary Field of Confrontation of Philosophy and Physics" (since 2008 at the University of Vienna) "2008.11.20. Univ.-Prof. Pietschmann-Univ.-Doz. Hashi""2009.3.27. Naturphilosophie-Naturwissenschaft"
  • Interdisciplinary Symposium "What is Truth?" in the Polish Academy of Sciences "Invitation What is Truth"
  • February 2008, establishing of the "Association of Comparative Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Education" "KoPhil establishing statement"
  • Previous Events Basic form between 2004-2007 (see "intellectus universalis") Events since 2008 (see the PDF documents in German version) pdf
  • Buddhism - Science & Medicine, Sigmund Freud University in Vienna (pdf) (PDF Program) (PDF Abstracts, p. 13) (The Field of Between) (Audio File)